JT-NYH950Both Ends With Linear Guide Chamfering Machine

Both Ends With Linear Guide Chamfering Machine


Voltage 220V/3PH
Spindle motor 1HP(2000~12000rpm)Variable
Servo track X stroke:100mm Y stroke:100mm
Z-axis manual flat track Stroke:100mm
Numerical control system 10.4”color screen+ hand wheel+ 
Milling machine second operation panel
Work table size L950*W500*H57mm
Machine size 1060*1000*1375mm
  • Available for every brand line guide chamfering.
  • Chamfering mode:
    ◆ Locked one at a time by fixture jig
    ◆ chamfering one unilateral face at a time
    ◆ X.Y axis: automatic advance
        Z axis: manual set
  • Cutter:
    45deg disposable carbide end mill