JT-500C(500B+500BR)Dual Functions Chamfering Machine ( Face Mill & Wheel Mill Cutting )

Dual Functions Chamfering Machine ( Face Mill & Wheel Mill Cutting )


MODEL JT-500C(JT-500B,JT-500BR,JT-500B+BR)
Wheel Ø100mm X Ø17mm X 50mm
Face Mill Cutter Ø50mm X Ø17mm X 35mm
Machine Size L500mm x W420mm x H 350mm
Voltage 3Ø, 220V-440V or 1Ø, 100V~240V , 50HZ/60HZ
Speed 3500 r.p.m.
Height of bevel 0~3 mm
Bevel angle 45°
N.W./G.W. 28 KGS / 31 KGS
Packing 55cm X 44cm X 38cm
Measurement 3.4 Square feet
Motor 1 HP
Track Size 500mm X 100mm X 12mm ,
500mm X 40mm X 12mm
Wheel Specifications(Bowel wheel(500B)) WA60 , K5 , V6A
Blade Specifications(Cuffer size (500BR)) Sekn 1203 X 5 PCS
  • Adopt with wheel and face mill cutting. The bowl type wheel and face mill cutter are both exchangeable.
  • Combine both B+BR functions for chamfering.
  • Available for chamfering any kind of materials.
ITEM / MODEL 500BR (Original) 500DF (New model)
Cutting Tools Face mill only = Single function Face mill + Wheel = Dual functions
Differents for table Fixed type V type + L type (exchangeable),
Saving the cutter costs.
Special design No Dust prevent / Dust removed design /
Safety guard of tools
Assistant tools for cutting
volume adjustment.
Opening wrench + Hexagon wrench Easy adjusting without any tools.
Costs for purchase Simple model / Lower costs Advance model / Higher costs
Consuming cost of
tools ( For long-term)
High Costs Saving half costs