JT-300AInverter Chamfering Machine (Regular + Irregular )

Inverter Chamfering Machine (Regular + Irregular )


Accessory Disposable carbide end mill
Machine Size L330 x W330 x H 300 mm
Voltage 1Ø, 220V ; 50HZ/60HZ
Speed 0~12000 r.p.m.
Height of bevel 0~3 mm
Bevel angle 45 degree
N.W./G.W. 40 Kgs /42 Kgs
Packing 55cm x 44cm x 38cm
Measurement 3.4 Square feet
Motor 1 HP
Track Size 300mm x 250mm x 12mm
  • Adopt with disposable carbide end mill+2pcs blade.
  • Equipped with inverter motor, range of speed 0~12000 r.p.m.
    Depending on different materials do different chamfering process. (Except heat treatment)
  • Special for chamfering regular and irregular curving surface, such as inner gap, complex curve surface of inner or outer.
  • Available for chamfering workpeice with inner diameter and inner gap width with 8mm or radian with 4R or above.
  • Chamfer ability range: within 0~2C or 3R.
  • Workpeice with angle 45 degree after chamfered.
  • Optional disposable carbide end mills, save the costs for tool replacement.
  • CE version is available.