JT-FM900NC Chamfering Machine-Template Dedicated Type

NC Chamfering Machine-Template Dedicated Type


Voltage 220V/3PH
Spindle motor 1HP(2000~12000rpm)Variable
Bevel angle 45deg
Height of bevel 0~10C (Fractional)
Speed of bevel 0~10M/min 
Round trip speed:15M/min
Work piece size L:900mm W:30~900mm H:0~150mm
Numerical control system 10”color touch screen+NC control
Work table size L1500*W500*H100mm HRC50°
Machine size L:2000mm W:880mm H:1540mm
  • Adopt servo motor and NC controller, quick and accurate for chamfering.
  • Adopt touch screen, easy to setup stroke, bevel speed, feed rate, fine dressing.
  • Bevel model:
    ◆ Unilateral bevel: fraction and find dressing
    ◆ Bilateral bevel: round trip bevel and find dressing
    ◆ Vertical bevel: hydraulic axial
  • Safety features ( Forced start or stop)
    ◆ when hydraulic pressure insufficient
    ◆ when workpiece have not chip hold down